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Greeting Message

Welcome to the International Security Institute!

We are an independent expert institution (Think tank), dedicated to improving the understanding of security, especially the relationship between security and development, through the process of constant education and training. Dr. Orhan Dragaš

Our starting point is that global security at the beginning of the 21st century changed significantly and that traditional views of security now require new solutions and new ideas for the new challenges, challenges which have never been seen before in history. Our focus is on people and their ability to contribute actively to developing not only their own skills, but also in advancing the global security community.

We see security as a process. We have to take part in it using all our capabilities. Thus, we are ready to offer new types of educational training and security modules. We believe that knowledge is the soundest guarantee for encompassing security. The greater the knowledge and the more modern the ideas, the lower the security risks.

Although we are based in the Balkans, in Belgrade, in Serbia, our views on modern security are global. We regard the heavy burden of our recent past‎ as an important experience and as an advantage in our work, because we are analysing it professionally, rationally and without prejudice. That is why we are confident that our experts and methods, primarily in education, are at the leading edge in world competence.

Our strategic goal is to provide professional support to all those who want to improve their security capabilities – whether they be companies, governments, academic institutions or individuals… ‎our analyses, studies, training and other projects are a product of enormous experience and knowledge in the area of security, gained through the multidisciplinary work of top class professionals.

We are expecting you!

Orhan Dragaš, PhD


International Security Institute (ISI)