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Department For Sustainable Development

We provide solutions to our partners and they can ensure their stakeholders to have efficient and manageable processes and systems in place which comply with stakeholder requirements related to different areas like quality, security and safety, transport, infrastructure, energy, oil and gas, agriculture, environment, corporate social responsibility and other areas of sustainable development.

Department for Sustainable Development will provide accountable and sustainable future to our stakeholders. Our officers gave big contribution in developing and implementations of Sustainable Development Strategies in the SEE region.

Sustainability is not new for us, so we provide solutions with positive impact on society, to be environmental friendly and achieve greater economic sustainability. We can provide recommendation and work with our partners: to become environmentally responsible, in example we can provide solutions in development and construction of wind or water energy power plants, provide the best solutions in transport, road safety or infrastructure. Also we can provide implementations of standards and solutions or organize trainings in areas like environmental safety, road safety, security management or other area of safety. We can ensure sustainable facilities and production including site operation and management and green process design. We also help to minimize corruption within organizations to prevent loss of credibility and sustainability.

We are not just working for your future, we provide sustainable opportunity.