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Conference: Serbia with powerful allies or neutral?, Novi Sad, 30. 06. 2009

On 30th of June 2009, conference “Serbia with powerful allies or neutral?”  took place in Novi Sad. Conference was organized by Serbian Renewal Movement and coordinated by International Security Institute. More than 20 media were covering the conference. It’s been covered by 10 televisions with more than one hour of broadcasting and by 12 newspapers in Serbia. On 14th of July, conference was broadcasted 30 minutes in prime time at national frequency TV B92, followed by more than a million of citizens.

Conference was the first of seven which will be held all over the country. The conferences were conceived as regional assemblies and will see as participants more than 400 experts, representatives of diplomatic corps, of local and national media and of the political parties currently present in the Parliament. The conference has already been accepted as a process which redefines citizens’ attitudes toward the NATO.

The results of the conference are significant from various aspects. For the first time since 1999, the public was included in a discussion regarding the security future of Serbia. The question of the Euro-Atlantic integration is posed as one of the crucial strategic decisions of the government and of those to come. It is proved that society is ready to take clear positions toward Serbia’s place on the security map of Europe.


Press Clipping


Deborah Menuti
Chief of Political Section
Embassy of United States of America

Deborah Mennuti [PDF]

Vuk Drašković
President of Serbian Renewal Movement

Vuk Drašković [PDF]

Zoran Dragišić, PhD
Program Director
International Security Institute

Zoran Dragišić [PDF]

Ian Vulkovsky
Political Affairs Section
Embasy of the Czech Republic

Ian Vulkovsky [PDF]

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