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Conference: Serbia with powerful allies or neutral?, Zrenjanin, 22. 10. 2009

On 22nd of October 2009, second conference “Serbia with powerful allies or neutral?” took place in Zrenjanin. Conference was organized by International Security Institute, NATO Public Diplomacy Division and parliamentary party League of Vojvodina Social democrats. More than 15 national and local media were covering the conference.

Conference was open by Mr. Michel Duray from NATO Public Diplomacy Division. Ms. Deborah Mennuti, Political Chief in US Embassy took her speech in the working session. Activities of Czech Embassy as NATO Contact Point in Serbia have been introduced by Mr. Jan Vlkovsky from Political Affairs Section. General Milan Zarić, Director of the Institute for strategic researches in Ministry of Defence, have generally presented strategic policy of the Ministry towards Euro-Atlantic integration. Former Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Vuk Drašković, and member of Serbian Parliament, Mr. Balint Pasztor, have consulted latest initiatives regarding Euro-Atlantic integration of the country and stressed importance of NATO membership.




Orhan Dragaš, MSc
International Security Institute
Michel Duray, Mr
The Head of Outreach Countries Section
Public Diplomacy Division
Deborah Mennuti
Chief of Political Section
Embassy of United States of America
Vuk Drašković
President of Serbian Renewal Movement
Zoran Dragišić, PhD
Program Director
International Security Institute
Ian Vulkovsky
Political Affairs Section
Embasy of the Czech Republic
Milan Zarić, General
Institute for strategic researches
Ministry of Defence
Balint Pazstor, Mr
Member of Serbian Parliament
Aleksandar Marton, Mr
City Assembly of Zrenjanin
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