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The use of information technology for the purposes of corporate espionage

After two years of research and monitoring of spyware and usage of information technologies for the purpose of corporate espionage and the need to be closer to the general public the importance of the danger that lurks by hacker groups and the government of certain countries we published research and work that handles all methods, techniques and methods of data collection secret information from the company.

Special accent is placed on the use of IT for the purpose of corporate espionage. The type of attack is defined: targeted and untargeted, active and passive attack from inside and outside; defines the concepts of social engineering, phishing and viruses, explained the definition of methods and techniques of information gathering, explained the method extracting the secret information using publicly available services, presented commercial software – hardware solutions, explained targeted attack from outside.

We explained the preparation and execution of the attack, removing traces and evaluation of the results was performed. We mentioned possible problems during the attacks and treatment of collected data.

Dušan Panić, BSc. ing

PhD Igor Franc

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