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Dr Orhan Dragaš’s (the Director of the International Security Institute) book is included in the Library of Congress

Dr Orhan Dragaš’s book “Two Faces of Globalization – Truth and Deceptions” was officially included in the collection of the Library of Congress, after passing strict reviews and the high criteria required by this procedure. In the notice to the author, the Library of Congress expressed its gratitude for adding this title to its large collection.

The Library of Congress is the largest library in the world, has a collection of more than 173 million books, manuscripts, maps, films and other documents, and is the largest federal cultural institution in the United States, as well as the main research base of the US Congress.

The book “Two Faces of Globalization – Truth and Deceptions”, published in 2019, had two editions in Serbian and one in English. Reviewers are some of the world’s greatest authorities in the field of international relations and economics, such as Professor Steve Hanke, from The Johns Hopkins University, Martin Wolf, chief economics commentator of The Financial Times, and the author of the foreword is Professor Tamas David-Barrett from the University of Oxford. This study deals with the state of globalization ten years after the global financial crisis, and in the meantime, its projections on the development of global relations, primarily among the most influential actors, such as the USA, Europe, China and Russia, have been confirmed.

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