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The International Security Institute is not the address for reporting corruption cases at the international level for a reward from the US Government

Regarding numerous appeals to the International Security Institute with reference to the US Treasury Department’s regulation on monetary rewards for reporting corruption in other countries, we inform you that the International Security Institute does not engage in such activities and is not an address for reporting any law violations neither domestic nor international.

On this occasion, we communicate the statement of Dr. Orhan Dragaš, Director of the International Security Institute:

“The International Security Institute is a scientific and professional institution and think-tank organization. As for those who send us information with the idea of conveying knowledge about possible corrupt and criminal activities of Russian companies in Serbia, companies with Russian capital and companies that cooperate with companies close to the Russian government, we refer them to the competent authorities of Serbia.

The International Security Institute is not the address for such reports, and especially not in relation to the Kleptocracy Asset Recovery Rewards Program implemented by the US Treasury Department under a law passed by the US Congress. Anyone who has any knowledge regarding the clear propositions from this Program and the law can contact the competent authorities of the USA, directly or through the American embassy.

The institute, which I lead, is part of the international initiative Global Magnitsky Act, and in cooperation with our best attorneys, law professors and lawyers, we have prepared a draft Magnitsky Act of Serbia, which we will propose for adoption to the new parliament. By adopting this law, Serbia will join the most democratic and most advanced countries which have already adopted that law and are applying it.”


Belgrade, March 21, 2022

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